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Amit Gandhi has over a decade long experience in the financial services and mortgage lending industry known for his unique ability to decipher the most complex financial in fractional time to ensure a time closing and most importantly a positive experience. He is an asset to the industry and here to help you every step of the home financing process!

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"What is the current mortgage rate?"

LIVE mortgage interest rate backed by real mortgage data, not marketing agencies hungry to sell your data.

I offer this to encourage consumers to STOP Searching for  the "lowest rate" offered in exchange for your contact details.

They are simply marketing agencies selling your data over and over again...Here are a few you may have heard of and recommend steering clear from (have any you would like to have added to the list?
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Amit Gandhi,

Mortgage Professional and Client Advocate

Working with Amit Gandhi you will quickly feel that you not just another "Transaction" with his background in finance and education he takes pride in helping homebuyers become homeowners and to treat each customer as an individual, not a number.

We don't place you into a loan profile formula created by the banking industry.

Amit and his dedicated team are trained in complex cases to ensure "common sense" overrides technicalities or investor's variation or interpretations. That is the advantage of working with Amit Gandhi and his team which in return will help you obtain the best loan possible suited to your specific qualifications..

We represent and have direct access to more than 64 investors dedicated and licensed to lend in Texas which are 
 "A" rated lenders with first quality rates on all types of loan programs including but not limited to:.

30-Year Fixed Mortgage
20-Year Fixed Mortgage
15-Year Fixed Mortgage
10-Year Fixed Mortgage
Including custom amortized mortgages terms upon request 

Adjustable Rate Mortgage(ARM Loans): 
 1/6 ARMS | 3/6 ARMS | 5/6 ARMS | 7/6 ARMS and even 10/6 ARM''s

Recently Added Programs: 
30Y Interest Only Mortgage
40Y Interest Only Mortgage

Program types offered: 

Conventional Mortgage Loans
Jumbo/Portfolio Mortgage
FHA Mortgage Loans
VA Mortgage Loan
USDA Financing
Non-Qualified Mortgage Programs (Non-QM Programs) 
...Any many other options!




Jumbo/Portfolio Lending
Texas Market: Conforming max loan limit for 2023
will increase 
by +$79,000 from 2022's $647,200 to




Single Family 
Max Loan limit


Purchase Price
budget W/
20% down

2023 $726,200 $907,750
2022 647,200 $809,000
2021 548,250 $685,312
2020 510,400 $638,000
2019 484,350 $605,437
2018 453,100 $566,375
2017 424,100 $530,125
2016 417,000 $521,250
2015 417,000 $521,250
2014 417,000 $521,250
2013 417,000 $521,250
2012 417,000 $521,250

Additional options with conventional financing with a second mortgage which many times allow for qualifying for higher sale prices and lower down payments. Contact us to find out more about these programs. 

Whether your situation calls for
- Full Documentation program 
- No Documentation program
- Limited Documentation program
- Non-Owner Occupied (Investor) or Multi-Family, I am here to find you what best fits your needs!

Additionally, We do provide competitive Commercial mortgage options too!

Why Choose to Trust our Team for your Home Finacing?

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Local Knowledge

We know the area and the market and we're part of your community, not a bot on the net :)

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Fast Processing

We work to close your loan as quickly as possible. We can even hit curveballs!

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Best Service

We offer a hybrid approach of new technology to speed closing and old fashioned customer service and communication.

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Utilizing Technology

We have the latest online tech like secure mobile uploading and we're available to use the device the old-fashioned way too!

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